Welcome to e2W DAO

Welcome to the future of business dynamics! By simply registering your username on the blockchain, you're stepping into a realm of automated earning opportunities that stretch far beyond what you might have imagined. Your username becomes your gateway to crafting intelligent contracts within the Celo Blockchain ecosystem, enabling the empowerment of Two Wealth (e2W). Dive into the video to unravel the vast spectrum of business possibilities that await you. Embrace the future, empower your wealth!

e2xtrf e2X to TCP Transfer Join Affiliate Find Wallet Balance TCP Balance Escrow Transfer ESCROW contact Contact contact Buy e2X/USDe

Step 1 : Buy e2X tokens at ubeswap.org liquidity pool.

e2X Token Contract Address: 0xdD629Af826F9290b2009A3c0722eB424dD692495

USDe Token Contract Address: 0x32eE1d8245a1d194740DBB4f243D8fcA60551129

e2W Token Contract Address: 0x85E150dafC3DFd53D32d2C2a36eCCE28e7102469

Next STEP: Convert Your e2X tokens in to TCP or Transaction Credit Point