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We are a digital consulting/Service agency that helps brands to achieve their business outcomes using Technology as a Tool. We see technology as a tool to create amazing things to cater Investment Needs and Manage Funds to enhance wealth. We have group of Companies to enhance your wealth in different part of the globe. We mobilise and deploy funds using our associate banking network across the globe with the help of BG/SBLC/LC. We assist clients to attract investment for various business purpose. We work in different countries to help clients to minimise the tax implications on their business transactions, which also helps them to plan their business and secure the transactions at least time durations. Our group includes e2X DZIT OU in estonia(REG NO 14857371), e2X DZIT Global Trade Limited (UK)(Company number 14633034) e2X Global Trade Services Pte Ltd (Singapore) . We provide Global Chest Service as Automated Token Service, Investment Mobilisation Service and Offline/Online Funds Settlement service. Deployment of Funds (offline/Online) for Trade in different Trade Platforms. Assist Clint to verify Funds in various platforms.(offline/online) We build Business automation tools to streamline the process of Verificaton of funds/Deployment of Funds/Transfer of Funds using Blockchain Technology (www.e2x.work) .

e2X Decentralised Autonomous Organisation Platforms in MATIC Blockchain helps To Manage your allocated funds as tokenized services to enhance your welath. Visit Our e2X DZIT DAO Platform Here.


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We Act as escrow agents and help cusstomers to adopt standars for rendering reporting of services and delivery of products using blockchain technology. We verify Funds on behalf of Clients. Start using the Services Here .

Build Automated Business

Start Building Automated Business Applications with the help of e2X DZIT OU using Blockchain Technology.

Service Accounting

Start reporting Your Services using Public Ledger System with the help of e2X DZIT OU.

Tokenize Services

Start Tokenizing Your Services and use our tokens to convert your existing cash or money in bank as crypto tokens using our Public Ledger System with the help of e2X DZIT OU. You can move your tokens for investment purpose across the globe and convert them to cash or money with the help of our global chest services.

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